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New nights for 2006

Powwow_1 Well, with NYE out of the way, it’s time to look forward at new nights on offer for 2006.

Top of the list is the Pow Wow Club on Saturday January 21st. This will hopefully be one of the bigger (and certainly one of the best) mod nights around. Great DJ line-up, nice venue, friendly atmosphere – and in Sheffield, which boasts one of the best locations around transport-wise, on the M1 and with a cheap direct line from London.
Details: https://www.modculture.co.uk/events/events.php?id=21

Another new night worth mentioning is the Silver Cloud Lounge in Liverpool. A fairly small venue with a great DJ line-up. Organiser Mike Bennett is putting his money where his mouth is by financing a new night in Liverpool – which will be regular if it gets the support. So give it yours.
Details: https://www.modculture.co.uk/events/events.php?id=14

For all the best events, visit https://www.modculture.co.uk/events/ for the latest details. And if you have something coming up – tell us about it.

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