New Style Council live DVD

Someone’s been digging about in the archive – 1987’s archive it seems – and found a live gig of the Style Council, which is being released under the title Style Council  – Live At Full House Rock Show.

Tracks on the DVD include Everything To Lose, Walking The Night, Heavens Above, Internationalists, Everlasting Love, Homebreakers, Money Go Round and Shout To The Top. The special features include an interview with Paul Weller.

The gig’s running time is 42 minutes, with a RRP of £12.99 (though Amazon are doing pre-orders for less than £10). It’s released on 30th October.

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  1. paul from belfast

    say what you like about them,but the council were the top 8ts mod band…check out the gear…100% mod…..

  2. completely agree…

  3. definitely

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