New Tootals for sale online

Tootal_new_1 We told you previously about the new Tootal scarves, which have been re-made using (we are told) original patterns and have started to appear in some of the smarter shops (Harvey Nichols for example).

Now we’ve found them for sale online at – which we believe is the only online retailer.

There seem to be four designs initially available in the "silky" style of scarf. According to feedback received, there are plans to make scarves in "Rayon" at some point in the future.

So initially, you have the scarf designs to your left. find out more (and see bigger pictures) at the following links:

Grey paisley scarf
Red patterned scarf
Grey circular scarf
Blue polka dot scarf

Here at Modculture, we’ll still be doing our best to source good quality vintage Tootal scarves for sale – but as ever, stock levels are erratic!

Check here if we have any vintage currently in stock.

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