Nicholson and Walcot scarves


We first featured these a long time back-  well before there was a webdite anyway. So it's high time we featured the Nicholson and Walcot vintage-style scarves once more, especially with the seasons changing.

Starting out as a cotaage industry for family and friends as well as the mod scene, the company now makes a range of items including the scarves commercially, but still offering that personal touch if you want something individual..


You can choose from both lightweight and more winter-friendly scarves at the website 'off the peg', like the paisley with contrast black lining at the top of the page, or the Prince of Wales scarf with chocolate lining just above here.

Check out all the scarves at the website, the majority selling for £40. If you're not quite right with those, you can check out all the fabrics and get something bespoke. You can see examples of those here, including a scarf made for Paul Weller.

Find out more at the Nicholson and Walcot website

Via His Knibs

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