Nick Bronson knit ties

Modculture has discovered that Italian-made ties and scarves by Nick Bronson are available to buy online in the UK.

Nick Bronson

The Milan-based Nick Bronson family business has been making fine silk ties since 1948, and their slim, square-ended tie range is just the perfect accompaniment to achieving that bespoke mod look. Available styles are a mix of plain and patterned, so there is something for all tastes.

As they retail at £34-39 at This Is London they are competitively priced next to other bespoke silk ties by, say, Paul Smith. Liberty in London are reported to be selling some of these ties for even less money, so shop around the department stores if you can.

The Nick Bronson website is here.

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  1. southern sam

    Libertys do them for about that price(35 quid)
    Got a black one with polka dots woven in,well worth the money.

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