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New band: Trummor and Orgel

Not a particularly new band, but one that may have escaped your attention over the past couple of years, Trummor & Orgel are a Hammond-led jazz combo of some repute.Trummor & Orgel

Uppsala in Sweden is the home for siblings Anders Ljunggren (Hammond organ) and Staffan Ljunggren (drums). Formed out of pop-psych combo Second Glance, the brothers love for late-period Beatles, Brina Auger Trinity, Spencer Davis Group, and 60’s psychedelic jazz duo Hansson & Karlsson led them to form a side-project (meaning literally The Drums and Organ Project) which eventually became their main focus.

Two albums later and they are regularly wowing audiences with their unique sound and expertly-crafted songs. New EP entitled Thunderball Sessions has recently been released (on Cosmos / BAM Records) to much praise, and if you can do grab a copy for yourselves.

To listen to the dynamic duo visit the Trummor & Orgel website here, or the Myspace page here.

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