Numark TTi USB/iPod Turntable


Never mind plugging a deck into a computer and loading up a pile of software to transfer your vintage vinyl to MP3 – the Numark TTi USB Turntable with iPod Dock makes it all redundant.

Well, if you have an iPod that is. That’s because it has an iPod dock, recording your vinyl tunes straight to the miniature player. Or if you want to tinker with the audio quality, you can still hook it up to the PC (to the USB port) and load up one of the three types of software sold with the deck.

The turntable itself is belt-drive, with playback at 33 or 45 and line-level RCA outputs (with built-in phono pre-amp). Available now for £149.

Find out more at the Advanced MP3 Players website

Via Electric Roulette

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  1. I work in a shop where we sell this. It’s not as great as it sounds. It’s got a real plasticky feel to it plus the item in question doesn’t recognise the latest iPods. It’s on offer for £99 this month but I’d still recommend the Ion TTUSB05XL over this product as it has a jack socket on the back to connect an external source such as tape, DAT or Mini Disc. The software is easy to use and I’ve got one myself, plus it has a lid too and looks much better with the rest of the HiFi seperates.

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