On Tour: Bradley Wiggins book


A book that you just might enjoy on two levels – On Tour: Bradley Wiggins – which is published by Orion next week.

Bradley Wiggins did the 2010 Tour de France, but not only that, he took along photographer and fellow mod Scott Mitchell to capture it, which he did in over 100 black and white photographs. Between all of those is the story of the Wiggins' Tour – from the expectation to the disappointment, along with the inside story of the entire event, which is described as a 'searingly honest, controversial but thoughtful and entertaining blast'.

The black and white images give the book a classic/retro feel, while the background in the book gives an insight into the cyclist's modernist leaning, both on terms of the music and the scooters (he has three of the latter).

Hopefully a review to follow, with the book on the shelves on November 11th. Amazon is currently doing discounted pre-orders, with a copy available for £8.54.

Find out more about the book at the Amazon website

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