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Only Fools mod prequel

Delboy Yes, you read it right – after flogging this particular dead horse for several years longer than was healthy, Only Fools and Horses writer John Sullivan has gone the other way and created a prequel show about the early days of Del and Rodney.

Provisionally titled Once Upon A Time In Peckham, the sitcom will feature Derek Trotter (pictured right as an ageing mod) as a teenager, with Rodney still in nappies. All sounds like a ropey spin-off doesn’t it? It probably is, but for one slightly interesting fact – the pilot episode is set in the 1960s and follows Del as he bunks off school and becomes a mod.

Writer Sullivan is now on the look-out for someone to play young Derek – so if you happen to be around 15, you might be in luck. The rest of us will be looking on in embarassment I expect when the show gets round to airing.


  1. This ain’t anything new. This story appeared in the national press over a year ago.

  2. Paul Owers

    This has been rumoured for years and years, but I seem to recall reading that films like One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest and Clockwork Orange were abandoned several times before they actually made them. I read that Kirk Douglas wanted the Jack Nicholson part so it shows you how long these things can take.
    I hope it actually comes to fruition at last.

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