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Oki-ni vs Fred Perry clothing range

Oki-ni has teamed up with Fred Perry for a new limited edition range of clothing for autumn/winter 2007 – based on a vintage Fred Perry shirt for Action Man. That shirt featured an oversized logo – seen here now on the Fred Perry Little Big Action Man range, a selection […]

Gabicci retro range cardigans

Wandered into Ran in Manchester this weekend and noticed they had the Gabicci retro range cardigans in stock – and they also have them online. The range is inspired by the ‘classic’ range of tops from years gone by (before the label became synonyous with Del Boy and pensioners), with […]

Aertex adds Gabicci-style tops

Aertex has added some new stock to its site, most notably new shirts, but most interestingly, some Gabicci-style knitwear. This particular top is available in three colours – burnt orange, black and the stone featured here. The downside is what seem to be the wrong details on the site – […]

Review: Mulberry Bush at the NFT

The Scenester skips along to the NFT to check out the showing of Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, complete with Hunter Davies Q&A. What other decade could a film with the title Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush possibly has been made in? It was probably unnecessary […]

Fred Perry black bowling shoes

I’m very much a ‘bowling shoes are for bowling’ man, but I know there’s a good few people out there who like the idea of wearing them out and about. And if that’s you, these Fred Perry all black bowling shoes look the best of what’s on the retail market. […]

Dead 60s Harrington jacket

After the success of the Paul Weller range of Fred Perry gear, it’s no surprise to see the company pushing more music tie-ins. And the latest one has just been announced – the Dead 60s limited edition Fred Perry Harrington jacket. Like the Weller polo shirt, this is very limited […]

Lambretta's Who clothing – pictures

We mentioned a few weeks back that Lambretta Clothing was issuing an officially-sanctioned range of Who Clothing. Well, that clothing hits the shops in September – and we have images of some of the replica pieces. There were initially two ranges – Tribute and Iconic – but these have now […]

Vespa speedometer thermometer

Old scooter accessories don’t fade away, they just get recycled into other items – like this Vespa vintage speedometer thermometer. Moulded from the original dies, this no longer keeping track of your speed – instead it keeps track of the temperature indoors. Although, let’s be honest, this is just a […]