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Geno Washington compilation

March 20th sees the release of a 2 CD compilation of mod favourite Geno Washington’s finest moments under the title of ‘Foot Stompin’ Soul’. The collection, which is a mix of 45s and material from Geno’s live albums, is released to celebrate 40 years of Geno’s music – and he’s […]

Mojo with added 'psych'

The April edition of Mojo (which is out this month confusingly) has a CD that might well appeal to the later 60s fans. The free CD is entitled Psych Out and has the following tracklisting: John’s Children – Smashed Blocked The Smoke – High In a Room Tomorrow – Revolution […]

Exciting new London club

Wednesday the 1st March sees the launch of London’s newest 60s Ska/Reggae/Soul club – SKAVOOVIE. Presented by highly acclaimed authentic Ska duo The Dualers, Skavoovie will be a twice monthly event held at Pop in Soho Street just off Oxford Street. This is a nice retro cocktail lounge style venue […]

The Who – more gigs

More Who dates have been announced – this time in Leeds and Liverpool, adding to the T in The Park Festival appearance previously announced. The Leeds gig is as headliners for the O2 Wireless Festival at Harewood House, which takes place on 24th and 25th June – The Who play […]

London club news

More recommended club nights brought to you by the London Dossier – – London’s premier listings site… THURSDAY 23 FEBRUARY WHEN the sun goes down and the moon goes up on Thu, it’s a date with Louie Cypher, at London’s finest burlesque and grind joint, LADY LUCK @ TOO […]

Wrong Box in Blackpool

Apart from the occasional outings for the Hideaway club there (are they still happening?), "mod" and "Blackpool" rarely share the same sentence. Unless The Wrong Box is on. The Wrong Box 60s Club is a bi-annual event held at the West Coast Rock Cafe on Abingdon St in Blackpool on […]

The Times live in London

If you never had chance to see The Times live, now’s your chance. The 60s inspired 80s band featuring the unbelievably underrated Ed ball will reform for a one-off gig at the Dirty Water Club on Friday 3rd March 2006. Dirty Water Club178 Junction Road, London N19 5QQJust around the […]

New bands wanted (again)

Why do I think I’ve been here before? Well, in the not-too-distant past I decided to feature new bands on the site, but for various reasons, this never happened. Well…it’s about to happen….no, really it is! To make it simple, to make it interesting and to make it fast-moving, I’ll […]