Paolo Hewitt's Sharper Word reissued

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In our list of five mod books you must own, Paolo Hewitt's The Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology came in at number two. If you've still not picked it up, it seems to have been reissued, although just how 'revised' the book is isn't clear.

The book is back on the virtual shelves of Amazon from 23rd July for a very affordable £6.49, presumably still offering snippets of some of the best mod-specific writing ever produced, mixing obvious stuff like Coin MacInnes' Absolute Beginners with more obscure magazine pieces and snippets from out-of-print books (like Tony Parson's Limelight Blues as one example).

According to the blurb, the new version has been revised, but there doesn't seem to be any details of the new content (or indeed, if anything has been removed), not even on the publisher's website. So we'll have to presume not much has changed – and this is still one of the best 'mod' books to buy.

The Sharper Word: A Mod Anthology on Amazon

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  1. Alex Roest

    This version of the book includes an edited version of my essay on Suedeheads :

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