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Paris City Guide now online

Note that I independently write and research everything in this article. But it may contain affiliate links.

Huge thanks to Gabriela Giacoman for the assistance in putting together a mod-friendly guide to the city of Paris.

As ever, this is the first step, but there are a number of entries here to keep you going and indeed, to keep you entertained if you happen to be in the city. No events listed, but that’s because, as far as we know, there are no upcoming events. If you know different, do let us know.

These guides do take a lot of time and effort to put together, but I am hoping to get a guide to Barcelona and a guide to Stockholm online this week. We should have guides for both Dublin and New York in the pipeline too. If you can help with any other city (no matter where in the world), do get in touch. The more of these we have, the better really.

Paris City Guide at Modculture

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  1. Some very sad news, one club to take off the list as the Mécanique Ondulatoire just announced they are closing 🙁 I just found out though that some organizers are getting together to create a continually updated page (Facebook or Myspace) with mod Paris events soon so will alert when have that!

  2. Where is the guide to Paris? I can’t find it anywhere. 😕 Thanks!

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