Paul Weller does Pretty Green clothes

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Pretty Green seems to be moving into the collaboration business. Not only teaming up with brands (like the Pretty Green v Clarks boots), Paul Weller has now been approached to design some of the label's gear. No surprise given the company name.

During his run at the Albert Hall this week, Weller has been wearing 'the first ever Pretty Green suit, bespoke to the Modfathers own specifications', according to the Pretty Green site. According to Weller: 'Nick, Pretty Green's creative director measured me up and it turned out top. It's double-breasted, grey with a chalk stripe. Almost like a gangster suit, but with a little kick to the trousers.'

He continues: 'I've got designs for suits, jackets, shoes – I've been talking to Liam about them. It's the same principle as what he's doing, really – stuff I'd wear myself.' The range will be announced later this year – if you're interested, you might want to start saving up now going by the current pricing structure.

Pretty Green website

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  1. If Paul Weller is sincere about the Socialism he advocates in his lyrics he wouldn’t be associating himself with Pretty Green. Yeah, I know it is named after one of his songs, however, Liam Gallagher is sticking his infamous two fingers up to the working classes (his fans)with the prices he is charging. Gallagher, clearly forgets his roots and is too busy hob nobbing with the new aristocracy (celebrities. We should let him fool us with his strret talk. I would advocate that noone buys any of his stuff and you will soon see the prices come down. Also, I hear he is talking about making furniture. Why, I do not recall any mods riding about town with sofas stuck on the back of their scooters.

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