Paul Weller for Pretty Green range

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I know you all love a Paul Weller image, so here's a new one. Modelling the first item from the Paul Weller for Pretty Green range.

According to the initial write-up, a 'capsule' collection will launch in the summer, featuring six limited edition pieces, all 'showcasing Weller's sharp infamous style'. I'm not sure that's grammatically correct, but that's what it says. According to Weller: 'I've wanted to design my own range for some time and Pretty Green felt like a good home for my clothes'.

All six items in the range will be available online and from Pretty Green stores from June 23rd. Sign up at the site to find out more. A larger range will follow towards the end of the year.

Paul Weller for Pretty Green website

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  1. supermod67

    Isn’t Pretty Green the line from the Oasis guy? Eh… I may have to wait to see if they come up with slicker gear. Hopefully, PW can come up with some good stuff.

  2. Lawrence Miller

    Yeh, it’s something to do with Liam. All I know is that anything designed by PW is going to cost a fortune and will just about fit one of the krankies (damn slim fit!).

  3. Yeah mate,, it will be proper tiny.. and cost the risk of sounding like a n#bhead ..the phrase ‘pretty green’ (reffering to cash/money) is from a weller tune
    .. which liam took it from. Fitting, i suppose, that weller should debut his gear through a site named after his lyric.. and also that you will have to have loads of ‘pretty green’ to afford even a cuff-link.. or a pair of underkegs..with a mod target on the front

  4. I have just lost so much respect for Paul weller. A man who has relentlessly preached Socialism through his lyrics and championed the cause of the working classes (his fans) over the years is prepared to get involved in this extortionately overpriced label. It is clear from PG’s prices that it the celebrity class Gallagher is aiming at and not those who put him where he is today. Talk is cheap. And we are the fools who swallow it, hook, lime & sinker.

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