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Pauline Boty book reviewed


After recently re-watching the classic BBC art documentary Pop Goes The Easel, I found myself trying to find out more than the basics about Pauline Boty.

An icon of the early 60s, Boty was both an actress and noted pop artist, acquiring the name of The Wimbledon Bardot because of her look. Sadly, she died in 1966, aged just 28 and has fell out of the public eye since.

Thankfully, there is a book on the market if you look hard enough. Pauline Boty: The Only Blonde In The World by Sue Watling and David Mellor is out of print, but easy to find if you look hard enough. I've reviewed the copy I found – read it on the site now. Also, check out this gallery of photos of the artist herself.

Pauline Boty book reviewed on Modculture

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