Polo Ralph Lauren Harrington jacket


I was pondering doing a Harrington buying guide as there are so many on the market right now. In the meantime, I'll just throw out another option, not officially called a Harrington jacket, so we'll go with the name of the Polo Ralph Lauren Harrington-style bomber jacket.

But it is a Harrington in all but name – two buttoned pockets, a pointed rain guard, ribbed hem and cuffs, zip front and a fairly slim fit.

£215 is the asking price. So not the cheapest option out there.

Find out more at the Mr Porter website

Via His Knibs

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  1. Lewiscollinsstuntdouble

    Bought two {1 Red , 1 Stone} of these in 1998 from a San Diego US Military PX Store – for rather less than £215 i hasten to add !

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