Pretty Green offers Quadrophenia parka

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Just when you thought Pretty Green couldn't shock anymore with its pricing, it pulls out a gobsmacking new one – asking £500 for a replica Quadrophenia parka.

That parka is specifically a limited edition 'Quadrophenia 'Jimmy' parka. On the face of it, not a lot different than a vintage parka you can pick up widely elsewhere, give or take a bit of detailing. It's a tie-in for the soundtrack box set reissue (which we've featured before), with Pretty Green also showcasing Pete Townshend’s archives of notes, desk diaries, photos and original lyrics from the making of Quadrophenia alongside album artwork at an exhibition at their Carnaby Street store.

The launch party is on 26th October and opens to the public on Thursday 27th. You'll only be able to buy the parka there, should you have just dropped a Lotto win and have a desire to spend pointlessly. As we said, £500 is the price – and 100 are being made. Nice earner for someone.

Pretty Green website

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  1. martin sambrook

    Oh dear, isn’t it about time that LG had an original thought for once ?
    M53 parkas are perfect as they are and much cheaper and more authentic than this overpriced piece of tat……are they going to unbutton one of the epaulettes too for the full effect or would that add to the cost ?
    It deserves to be driven over a cliff.

  2. martin sambrook

    Obviously i mean M51 not M53…….it was early am

  3. Hmmm….he hasn’t got a clue, has he, old Liam. Who is this parka aimed at?
    Most people I’ve met who actually wear Pretty Green couldn’t afford £500 for a parka anyway and those who could afford a parka for that money would be looking elsewhere, so I see no market for this overpriced rubbish at all.
    Typical Liam, all noise and no substance!

  4. Doesn’t suprise me in the slightest. Liam Gallagher is so far up his own arse and so massively out of touch with reality that he probably thinks it’s a bargain. No genuine self respecting mod would near his ‘brand’ either, all the stuff I’ve seen from the ‘Pretty Green’ label looks like watered-down high street copies of original mod trends. And to me, it’s clear that Pretty Green’s entire range is aimed at people with too much disposable income and zero sense of style (much like Liam). Take that Parka for instance – Any proper mod knows that with a bit of savvy and some shopping around around you can pick up up an original ‘Jimmy’ 51 US Army Parka and some sew-on USAF Stripes easily…and voila! You have an original looking ‘Jimmy’ Parka for less than a £100!
    Yeah, so basically….fucking do one Liam! and take your overpriced shitty clobber with you!

  5. Guy Cavendish

    WTF is Pete Townsend doing getting involved with this?
    Pretty Green was good for a snigger when the window display featured a Union Jack-draped LG Union Jack desperately mimicking the great Art Kane original, but this is just plain depressing.

  6. Karl Flavell

    Funnily enough I bought my first parka in Carnaby Street in 1982, swapped it for an M65 then swapped that for an M51 at 16 (which I’ve still got although as I don’t have a scooter I won’t wear). How anyone could charge £500 for a pretend parka with USAF stripes on fails me. Maybe I should stick mine on e-bay for £700 as it’s a genuine M51 with USAF stripes…lol

  7. £500 and it’s got no liner, fox fur rimmed hood and it’s missing a chervron for the other sleeve. Tsk tsk Liam, what Chav mod can afford this?

  8. ?

  9. Mick the mod

    Pretty Green suck man..You can get a new M65 Parka for £75,personally i prefere the M65 cause i dont like hoods(detachable)Maybe i’d consider paying 500 notes for an original M51 in good condition,cause of the history behind it but no way would i pay that for a flaming repro.

  10. Our roots are from working class for most of us. The more all this style goes fashion, the more expensive exagerations we meet. Why should we pay more for an imitation than the original?! I wouldn’t dare sewing a patch on this at this price!

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