Pretty Green tweed pea coat

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I spend a lot of time ripping into Pretty Green on this site. Not because I want to, but because the label falls short on many fronts – not least in where it's actually pitched. Is it knocking out cheap t-shirts or high-end formal wear? Who knows. Anyway, the label does manage to produce the odd decent item – like this Pretty Green tweed pea coat. But…well, you know what's coming.

On the face of it, a nice twist on a 60s-inspired look, made from what's described as a 'luxurious tweed' in a light brown, throwing in a wide lapel, two fronted pockets, three-button cuffs and a paisley print lining.

It's a smart item, no mistake. But for me, it's not a £375 item. Yep, that is the price you'll be paying for one. Or not.

Find out more at the Hip website

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