Proper – A Modernist Guide to Impeccable Taste

Proper – A Modernist Guide to Impeccable Taste
Proper – A Modernist Guide to Impeccable Taste (image credit: Andy Morling)
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An interesting new book on the horizon. Proper – A Modernist Guide to Impeccable Taste by Andy Morling.

Name sound familiar? Well, that might mean you own a copy of his previous book, Mod Ghosts. That one described itself as a book about Mod, but also a book about urban life, social evolution, identity, belonging, and the never-ending task of growing up.

If you missed it, then you have sadly missed out as the 2019 book is currently out of stock and doesn’t look to be returning. With that in mind, you might want to secure a copy of this one before it clears out.

The new title, which arrives in the coming weeks, promises an equally leftfield approach to the subject of Mod.

Its central premise is that Modernism involves a highly-tuned sensitivity to style and culture that can last a lifetime.

The book doesn’t showcase music, clothing or cinema loved by Mods, Instead, it applies the movement’s central values and heightened discernment to the appreciation of all things. Some associated with Mods, other things not so much.

Through curated lists and shirt essays, it also analyses specific examples from nature, design, and popular culture to reveal the ‘building blocks of beauty’. The goal is to appreciate things like a Mod, not to become one.

A tough one to describe, so I’ll try and get an interview sorted with the author soon to explain in more detail. But if you want to take the plunge right now, you can pre-order the book directly from the author, priced at £27.

There’s also more background on the book here.

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