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Quadrophenia Convention in Brighton


If you happen to love Quadrophenia, you might want to attend the Quadrophenia Convention in Brighton.

It’s a two-day event in Brighton, running from April 5th to April 6th 2008, with appearances from the likes of Phil Daniels (Jimmy) Mark Wingett (Dave) Phil Davis(Chalky) Toyah Willcox (Monkey) Gary Shail (Spider) Garry Cooper (Peter) and Trevor Laird (Ferdy). No sign of Sting I see.

There’s a range of events, talks and of course, a movie showing. You can even have a meal with the cast or a brew – but at a price. See the website for full details. Tickets are from £15.

Find out more at the Quadrophenia website


  1. Do real Mods go there ?
    Like 60s Mods ?

  2. I’m not sure this is the place for mods. It all about the film and the actors, not really about mods as such

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