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Quadrophenia screening in Margate


Ok, it's in the bargain bins on DVD and is on TV every other month, but if you have the urge to sing 'We are the mods…' at a large screen, you'll be pleased to know that there's a Quadrophenia screening in Margate.

It's part of a larger event, essentially one to promote the preservation of Margate's Dreamland seaside amusement park, youth cults being used to promote it and eventually, to be part of a permanent exhibition.

Anyway, the date is Saturday 3rd April 2010 at the Carlton Cinema, 25-29 St Mildred's Road, Westgate On Sea (just up the coast), with guest speakers Paolo Hewitt, Roger K Burton of Contemporary Wardrobe (the man behind the movie's clothing), Nick Dermott and Neil Sparkes. Tickets are £12 from the cinema. No website I'm afraid, call 01843 832019 to find out more.

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