Real McCoys M-1951 parka

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Ignore the price, you were never going to buy one anyway. But admire the sheer pointlessness of the work put into creating the Real McCoys M-1951 parka.

Out of Japan of course. Well, it just has to be. The company has reproduced the thick fabric used in 1951 to produce the original parka shell. Yes, that's right, spent good money recreating something made for mass-produced military clobber.

The fabric is an olive drab durable cotton sateen, while the parka has a cotton lining. adjustable wrist straps, and an original deadstock zip. This reproduction is actually 20 years old, with the last few now being filtered into the market. Price? A ridiculously expensive £550.

Superdenim website

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  1. The M51 was not the original mod parka the M48 with sleeve pen pocket was.

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