Record Collector – June edition


The cover actually features Iron Maiden. Thankfully, the inner pages of Record Collector this month (June edition) are far more interesting. Shame that didn't make the front page!

The magazine has an extensive feature on skinhead reggae, how to collect it and a top 51 tracks to seek out, complete with values. In addition, genre rarity Reggae With The Hippy Boys is also offered in the magazine as a limited edition of 350 on vinyl, the latest instalment of the magazine's Rare Record Club. There's also a two-page feature on that record. To finish the theme, see also an article on 'scary youth cults'.

Of course, there's also the usual sales, reviews, articles etc on top of that. The June edition is out now, £4 at your local magazine seller (or free for a read at WH Smiths in your lunch hour).

Record Collector magazine

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