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Rendez-Vous club reviewed

Rendezvous Here at Modculture, we understand that a list of DJs you’ve probably never heard of and an even longer list of obscure music genres is not going to tell you if a club night is for you or not. So with that in mind, we’re going to start reviewing clubs to give you a flavour of the night before you walk through the door.

First up is Wigan’s new, but already talked-about Rendez-Vous night. You can find the review at:

And while you’re at it, I can’t recommend enough the website for the club, which has radio shows to listen to online, plus entire sets to download in MP3 quality. Find that at:

Fancy being a club reviewer?

We obviously need your help to review clubs. Whether you’ve had a good, bad or indifferent night, tell us about it and we’ll print it up (with or without your name). If you have a photo, even better, but it’s not essential. To send a club review, hit the contact us button on the website menu or get in touch for more information.

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