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Inez and Charlie Foxx – Dynamic Duo (Kent)

Review: Inez and Charlie Foxx - Dynamic Duo (Kent)
Review: Inez and Charlie Foxx - Dynamic Duo (Kent)
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Dynamic Duo by Inez and Charlie Foxx is a must have and one of the top soul releases this year so far. At least in my book.

Anyone who thinks Inez and Charlie are ‘Mockingbird’ or “Tightrope’ and nothing else need to seriously check this out.

Whether it’s a deep gospel-influenced track or a classic dancer, Inez and Charlie nail it and bring it on home. But what is really amazing, is that of the twenty plus songs included, Charlie and/or Inez have their name on all but seven. Dynamic duo is right! Check out ‘No Stranger To Love’ for the proof that Inez Foxx is one of the great soul singers of all time.

Essential stuff and something I can now not do without.

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