Revival reviewer wanted

Keen observers of Modculture will probably have noted that I’m neither expert or all that enthusiastic about the sound of the mod revival. That’s not a slight on the bands – it just happens that I wasn’t there to enjoy it and have never really been taken by a lot of the music on offer. Like all things, each to their own.

With that in mind, and because I feel it’s important to cover all music that appeals to mods, I’m on the look out for a revival reviewer to cover the regular releases/reissues that come throguh the letterbox.

Ideally, the person must enjoy that area of music, be able to write a bit if they put their mind to it and be able to do a review within a week of receiving the music. Benefits are your name in lights and obviously free music!

Interested? Contact us to find out more or to register your interest.

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  1. jeff munday

    Hi,was in my teens in late 70’s + used to go + see punk/new wave bands like the clash/jam,undertones etc ,i noticed at the time a lot of the support bands at the time had a lot of mod influences,so i saw a lot of bands like new hearts who became secret affair,the chords who we followed around the country + back to zero..purple hearts etc etc I wrote for magazine ‘Verve in 1980’s + still buy lots of vinyl/cds/go to see bands weekly …100 club/dirty water etc bump into lots of old faces .Also i was the guy who started the debate about the scooter on the thames…through robert elms…. There was some cracking young mod/new wave bands about in late 70’s early 80’s…Jeff

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