Rewind The 60s on BBC One

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Ok, it could well be rubbish, but if daytime TV is your thing (or if you can be bothered setting a recorder), Rewind The 60s starts next week, running daily at 9:15am on BBC One.

It seems to be looking at a year each day, kicking off with 1960/1961, with the general description claiming the show will 'explore all aspects of the 1960s: from where we lived, to what we ate, to how we dressed, and what we listened to.' However, it's level might be summed up by Jimmy Tarbuck being on the first one. But who knows? You could get some mod-related content when the show gets to 1963/1964. John Waters, who tipped me off about it, says there is – and I'm happy to take his word on it.

It's hosted by Lulu – that's her, next to that huge lamp. More on the web page.

Rewind The 60s on BBC One

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  1. The programme about the Mods & Rockers is programme 3 which goes out on Wednesday 17th November

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