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Rock 'n' Roll London DVD

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Any of you seen this? Perhaps the worst DVD cover in the history of the format and not something that says 'buy me' in any way at all. Yet the Rock 'n' Roll London DVD just might be an interesting watch. It's hosted by Art Wood. Yes, that Art Wood, brother of Ronnie and founder of The Artwoods and apparently it's already out, but is coming out for a cheaper price on August 2nd. Here's the blurb..

'Art Wood…takes us on a tour of rock 'n' roll London, showing where the seeds were sown for the blues explosion that defined the sound of London in the 60s. Taking a dry and droll look at the past Art shares with many of the most famous names in the music business, we delve into a graffiti sprayed back alley where the R 'N' B sound was laid down, visit a boat yard on the island where the Stones found fame, venture into clubland and relish the legends born in these musical Meccas. These are just some of the numerous locations we visit on this magical history tour with Art entertaining us in his own unique way.'

You can get a copy now for £12.99, but Pegasus is issuing it for under a tenner next month. If you've seen it already, do comment about it.

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