Ronnie Wood’s Birds vinyl compilation

Ronnie Wood’s Birds vinyl compilation
Ronnie Wood’s Birds vinyl compilation
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The Birds have a reissue out on vinyl, going by the title Ronnie Wood’s Birds. Yes, he’s probably bigger than the band now.

That’s hardly a surprise as in general terms, he most likely is. The Birds will remain a cult Mod/beat band and Ronnie Wood has since become a rock icon. But this is where he first made his mark.

This new collection is a rare vinyl outing for the band. If you wanted a ‘best of’ in the past you would probably have been looking at The Collectors’ Guide To Rare British Birds on CD, which is a bargain for under a fiver. But if you want an LP instead, have a look at this one, which is available to pre-order ahead of release in a couple of weeks.

Described as a ‘definitive singles collection’ of the band, which granted isn’t much as the band didn’t hang around for too long. That’s for various reasons. but the success of US and The Byrds around the same time certainly don’t help in terms of promotion.

So what you have here is the material issued, plus some alternate mixes and originally unissued tracks. 11 songs in total on this single vinyl album. Even so, one to add to the collection if you are a fan.

Want it? You can pre-order it now ahead of the 18th February release date on black vinyl, with an asking price of £19.99.

Find out more at the Rough Trade website

You’re On My Mind
You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care)
Leaving Here
Next In Line
No Good Without You Baby
How Can It Be ? Say Those Magic Words
Daddy Daddy (Stereo Mix)
Run Run Run (Unissued Track)
Good Times (Unissued Track)
Say Those Magic Words (Alternate Version)
Granny Rides Again (Unissued Single Track)

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