Scooter Lifestyle book coming soon

Here’s a treat for all you scooterists out there: a new book chronicling the modern scooter scene. Scooter Lifestyle, written and researched by longtime scene stalwart Ian Grainger, aka ‘Iggy‘, who is known as a regular contributor to Scootering, TAG
and Scooterist Scene. Scooterlifestylepatchrf8

Scooter Lifestyle is a 128 page, full colour book containing over 150 photographs of award-winning custom scooters, best-selling
scooter models, rallies and events.It details a range of stories and many interviews with well known scootering personalities that help illustrate what the UK scene is really all about. The book promises to reveal ‘the antics of Scooter Boys, Scooterists and Mods as they rampage and cavort their way through a rally season’. That sounds just up our street…

The book is published by Veloce and is due out in early April. Get your orders in now.

See the Scooter Lifestyle website here.

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