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Shadows and Reflections – The Action limited edition poster

Shadows and Reflections - The Action limited edition poster
Shadows and Reflections – The Action limited edition poster
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If you missed out on the first pair, don’t delay on Shadows and Reflections – The Action limited edition poster.

You might recall that back in May two posters for cult Mod band The Action were reprinted in limited numbers. As you might have guessed, they didn’t hang about long and they haven’t appeared since. So well done if you got one of those.

The posters were reprinted with the approval of Roger Powell and with his consent once more, another classic poster for the band is being made available. the one you can see above.

The situation is pretty much the same as the last one. Only the content is different.

The poster being offered now is a reproduction of the promotional poster for the Shadows and Reflections single and is being offered in strictly limited numbers. I don’t know how many but in light of stock last time, I suspect not a great number.

Again, this is an A2 poster and sells for £7.99 plus postage. Note that the price given on the website is UK postage. If you want the poster outside the UK you need to email the seller for an invoice based on your location.

Find out more at the Vinyl Revival website

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  1. Jay Kelleher

    What were patlophone thinking with the marketing????

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