Shag's Hipsters and Jetsetter prints

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Two new prints from everyone's favourite mid-century inspired artist, Shag's Hipsters and Jetsetter.

Both new prints are the latest additions to the LA-based artist's A to Z series, H for Hipsters is obviously inspired by the Rat Pack, an eight colour serigraph that's sized at 12 x 14 inches, signed, limited to 250 and available now for $110.

J for Jetsetter is a 10 colour serigraph, also sized at 12 x 14 inches and also signed and limited to 250. Price again is $110.

H for Hipsters print at Shagmart

J for Jetsetter print at Shagmart

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  1. Lory Ann Martinez-Guagliardo

    I bought a series of shag limited edition signed cryptozoological prints that have the original rough sketch attached. How can I find their value?

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