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Shimmy – Biff Bang Pow compilation

Shimmy_cover If you’ve ever considered buying a single or album from the Biff Bang Pow label, but have been in two minds which one to go for, here’s a solution – Shimmy, a compilation of 20 tracks featuring some of the best Mod bands currently playing live and recording.

It’s available as of this week for £12.25 plus postage and packing, directly from the label’s website.


1) Mark Joseph – Get Back Sally
2) The Fay Hallam Trinity – Stand Up
3) Adrian Holder – Goodbye Tuesday
4) Getaway – Back In The Chicken Shack
5) RT4 – Before The Night
6) Thee Jenerators – Shake Some Action
7) The Soul City Experience – Out Of The Blue
8) Yeh-Yeh – What The Papers Say
9) Green Circles – Brown House In Stepney
10) The Lost 45s – Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11) The Impact Four – She’s Arrived
12) Immediate – Just Add Some Colour
13) Small World – There’s A Place
14) Long Tall Shorty – Night and Day
15) Mojo – Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
16) The Bresslaws – Backfist Baby
17) Freebooting Profiteers – Supercool, Supercruel
18) Curlee Wurlee – L’Essence des Sens
19) Darron J Connett – Keep Your Soul Clean
20) The Flying Squad – Saturday In Soho

Biff Bang Pow website

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