Shindig! magazine does the Small Faces

Shindig! magazine
Shindig! magazine

Not just cover stars of the latest Mojo magazine, the Small Faces are also fronting the new Shindig!

No free CD this time, but Shindig! always does quality features, so if you are a fan of the band, this is likely to be well worth picking up. According to the write-up, the article (tying in with the deluxe reissues) looks at the second half of the band’s career, particularly the impact of moving to Immediate and the making of Ogdens, with help from Kenney Jones, PP Arnold and Billy Nicholls. All of that covers a whopping 14 pages.

As ever, there’s the usual eclectic mix of vintage sounds too, including early era Bee Gees, Jade, Pugwash, The Plimsouls, Kaleidoscope and more.

Subscribers will get it mailed out from 5th April, with other stockists selling the magazine from 12th April. A full list of stockists can be found here.

Update: You can also get it via Amazon, specifically right here.

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