Sir Peter Blake sports shoes

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What is it about artists and footwear? We saw the Pete McKee-designed Clarks boots a shirt while back, now we have some footwear from Sir Peter Blake – specifically The First Real Pop Shoe by Sir Peter Blake.

It's available for pre-order now with a September delivery date, limited to just 600 pairs, all made to order so you are guaranteed your size. The style isn't random either – it's inspired by the footwear Blake wore in his classic 1961 Self Portrait With Badges artwork, which you can view in the Tate Collection.

In terms of specifics, the shoes are hi-top trainers, made of black nappa leather that's been 'recycled' from wallet leather, with the artist's signature on the back and Blake's trademark heart, target, rainbow and star motifs embroidered on each side.

Not cheap as you would imagine, but this is the kind of thing that will only grow in value. You can secure a pair for £180.

Find out more at the Art Republic website

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  1. They look pretty nice, might be getting a pair for x-mas 🙂

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