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Solo Cycle Clothing uses mod album imagery to promote its new range

Solo cycling clothing
Solo cycling clothing
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This might be the advertising campaign that keeps on giving, as we have had just two instalments from Solo Cycle Clothing so far – and more are likely to follow.

As you can see from the two so far, albums the new ad campaign is inspired by mod, specifically album artwork from mod bands, kicking off with My Generation by The Who and followed up this month by This Is The Modern World by The Jam.

It’s an intentional campaign, which is being run monthly via Rouleur magazine, with one eye on the crossover between mod and cycling (especially right now). Having a retro / vantage-inspired cycling brand (inspired by designs from the 1950s – 1970s) is probably helpful too, as that’s obviously very likely to appeal to mods.

With that in mind, do check out the range at Solo Cycling if you are into two wheels, which does include the tops pictured here and much more.

Also, stayed tuned for more instalments in the ad series.

Solo cycling clothing
Solo cycling clothing


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