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Spotify playlist: The Golden Age of Blow Up in London

Spotify playlist: The Golden Age of Blow Up in London
Spotify playlist: The Golden Age of Blow Up in London
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Not one of mine, this is the work of Neil Queen-Jones, who has put together a monster of a Spotify playlist for Blow Up in London.

Credit to Andy Lewis (who also spun tunes there) for the tip-off about the playlist, which officially goes by the name of Blow Uo Golden Age and as you might have guessed, picks out the ‘cream’ of tunes played at London’s Blow Up club during that golden age of around 1993 (which is when the flyer above is from) through to 1997.

Quite an extensive playlist too, one that did keep growing when it first appeared but now seems to have levelled off with 161 songs and just under eight hours of music. So if you want something for an entire working day, this is the playlist for you.

As for the music within, you are looking at classic beat, garage soul, funk, library music and much more. Basically, if it was played in the club (and on Spotify), then you’ll find it here. Don’t expect rarities, this is all about celebrating a club sound of almost three decades ago. Yes, 1993 really was that long ago. But back in the (pre-internet) day, many of these tracks would have been rarely heard anywhere else.

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  1. Neil Queen-Jones

    Many thanks for sharing this. I’m all ears if anyone can pick out any classics that I’ve unintentionally left out!

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