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Spotify playlist: Down in the Basement

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Spotify is really taking off and with it, some superb playlists – because with Spotify, anyone can be an album compiler. Like Sulli off the Modculture forums, who has done the superb Down in the Basement.

It's good, traditional mod territory – soul, jazz, latin and R&B – a mix of classics and some lesser-known tunes, along with familiar tracks from less than familiar names.

As ever, check it out via the link. Sadly, I've been cleaned out of invites for Spotify, if you have any spare you are willing to re-distribute, please get in touch with us.

Down in the Basement playlist at Spotify

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  1. Am after a Spotify invite – anyone got any going spare??? Cheers all…

  2. Maxine Melson

    Link to free account found today on HMV. Worked for me, not sure how long it will last!

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