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Spotify playlist: The Beatles get covered

The Beatles get covered
The Beatles get covered
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Officially, The Beatles get covered is a Spotify playlist. Although it’s more like a collection of tracks.

Let me explain. For a while now, I’ve been collection decent covers of Beatles tunes for a playlist. Mainly ’60s soul takes on the Beatles tracks, but with a few beat and garage thrown in (like Hey Bulldog by The Gods, pictured above).

I couldn’t decent how to reduce it and choose between different versions of the same song, so I’ve decided to put up all the tracks into one single playlist, which lasts around 2 hours and contains 40+ cover versions.

Feel free to pick out your own favourites and any I’ve missed, do let us know (if they are on Spotify obviously, not all are sadly).

The Beatles get covered Spotify playlist link

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  1. How about Sandie Shaw’s version of Love Me do?

  2. how do i subscribe to these playlists on spotify?

  3. Thank you for this!

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