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Spotify playlist: Van Cleef’s Rocksteady Omnibus

Spotify playlist: Van Cleef's Rocksteady Omnibus
Spotify playlist: Van Cleef’s Rocksteady Omnibus
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Time for some more Spotify sounds, this time heading in the direction of Jamaica for Van Cleef’s Rocksteady Omnibus.

Not many ska or rocksteady playlists on the site, so this is a welcome addition. Credit to Mike for putting this together and it’s a big one. 14 hours and 25 minutes of rocksteady sounds here, which means it’s likely to be something of an education as well as a marathon to get through. That’s in a good way, obviously.

According to Mike, this is: Your destination for an education on Jamaica’s musical sensation: ROCKSTEADY! From Duke Reid’s biggest hits to rare and unreleased tracks from producers like Sonia Pottinger, Phil Pratt and Bunny Lee it’s all here.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, please do have a listen via the link here:

Van Cleef’s Rocksteady Omnibus

Note also that Mike has another very long playlist going by the name of Van Cleef’s Skinhead Reggae Omnibus. Ok, not as obviously ‘Mod’ as the last one perhaps, but likely to have similar appeal I would say. You can check that one out here:

Van Cleef’s Skinhead Reggae Omnibus

Huge thanks to Mike for both and if you have a Spotify playlist worth talking about and listening to, do get in touch.

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