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The Story of Ready Steady Go! heads to BBC4

The Story of Ready Steady Go! heads to BBC4
The Story of Ready Steady Go! heads to BBC4
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One to watch, record or catch up, The Story of Ready Steady Go! heads to BBC4 in just over a week’s time.

Thanks to Adrian for the tip-off of this one, which had gone under my personal radar. There’s a first for everything!

Anyway, back to the documentary, which I suspect will be a decent affair if it’s a BBC4 production. Ok, it only lasts an hour, but it looks like it has the right people featured in it. I just hope it doesn’t linger on The Beatles for most of it.

According to the pre-publicity, this is the story of ‘Britain’s iconic 1960s music show’ and a programme that ‘revolutionised television for the kids’ at a time when the British music scene was starting to take the world by storm.

Described as a definitive documentary of a pioneering show that mixed performance, celebrity interviews and items on fashion, it looks behind the scenes and speak to the people who made it all happen.

These people include original producer Vicki Wickham and the programme’s pioneering director, Michael Lindsay-Hogg. Plus further contributions from Annie Nightingale, Eric Burdon, Chris Farlowe, Mary Wilson, Martha Reeves, Paul Jones, Gerry Marsden and Jools Holland.

You can watch it on 20th March 2020 at 9pm and although I haven’t seen the schedule, I can only presume there will be a night of related shows. That’s the kind of thing BBC4 does.

There is a clip on the BBC4 website and if you want some background from one of the people in the audience, please do check out the Ready Steady Gone article by Johnnie Taylor on this very website.

Update: The BBC4 documentary will be followed by a Best Of Ready Steady Go! programme featuring clips and performances from the classic 1960s show. That starts at 10pm and runs for an hour. If you miss it, you can catch up with the show here.

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  1. Lawrence Woolston

    Just found a good little documentary on Eel pie island on the BBC iPlayer as well

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