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Stylecoucil Yes, according to the Sunday Times Style supplement, or more specifically, Tom Stubbs (the writer of the Men’s Style section), this summer, we’ll all be desperate to look like Paul Weller or Mick Talbot (“circa Long Hot Summer/The Paris Match”).

To quote the article…

“Whatever angle you approach it from, the key components are posh Riviera gear; double-breasted linens with scarves tied like giant cravats, nifty striped blazers garnished with bright pocket squares and teamed with chinos, old-school collegiate sportswear and matching resort wear in exuberant colour schemes. There is even a nice use of shoulder jumpers and tiny shorts.

For the Weller look, add a French jazz twist in the form of a summer mac, and get involved with natty jackets in stripes or seersucker, plus a fiesta of quality loafer action. For Hercule (Poirot), give it more of a more cocktail-wear slant. Watch Evil Under the Sun and be inspired by the parade of sartorial immaculate conceptions. Poirot wears some lovely three-piece affairs and has a neat line in one-piece swimsuits. So there you have it: French cafe culture as done by Weller and his curly-haired friend, or pre-war Brit lux courtesy of Agatha C.”

Not sure I agree with the Poirot bit and some of the look mentioned is a bit too flowery for most – but you can’t deny that Weller circa TSC was his sharpest era – and you have to encourage a return to such a stylish look.

And while you’re at it, dig out your old Style Council LPs – they’re a lot better than you might remember!

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  1. cafe bleu remains one of my all time fave albums – as for the rest of the council’s output, it was ok – patchy at best – at the time, nowadays, you can keep it..
    it would be nice to return to a little bit of Parisien style this summer, although i shudder at the prospect of chavs parading their tats in cut off boating jackets.

  2. Darin Gosling

    I always thought the Stle Council were the dogs bollox anyway !! Their music was way ahead of the time and the other shit gracing the charts. Their image was smart and continental. Cafe Blue will always go down in my book as a classic album. Keep on councilin’ !!

  3. I loved all the 83-84 singles and the Our Favorite Shop album. The B side of the cassette played the whole album with a real time interview (if you know what I mean). The rest of the stuff wasn’t bad. A bit mixed but isn’t it all? I mean how many albums by anyone are full of classics? Stanley Road maybe! I saw them at a Miners benefit at the Royal festive hall in September 1984. I didn’t know much about them apart from the singles but at least they played live (unlike WHAM at the same gig). And Arthur Scargill made a guest appearance!
    One song I hate is Strength of you Nature – and a few others like that – Internationalist was another annoying one.

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