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Suitable mod night in Manchester


Not that long ago, Hideaway Club aside, there was pretty much nothing mod-related in Manchester. These days, the city is crawling with nights offering up the word 'mod', although not all of them are perhaps of the highest quality. I've no idea what Suitable is like – but it is weekly and free.

According to the organisers, it takes place at The Thirsty Scholar (50 New Wakefield Street M1 5NP near Oxford Rd train station) every Saturday night from 8pm until 3am and as we said, free entry.

Playlist is said to be beat, psych, bluebeat, ska, R&B, Motown, northern, mod '79, Trojan '69, two tone, Latin and more. So pretty much every base covered. All spun on original vinyl too. For more details contact Damo on 0161 326 6071 or email [email protected].


  1. Jason Leeming

    This is indeed a good night. It’s free, Martin the Mod is a great DJ, plus there are guest DJs. The Thirsty Scholar itself has a nice atmosphere and a wide array of beers, ciders and spirits.

  2. Martin Cooper

    Just a heads-up, that the Thirsty Scholar has closed till September 2011, as the railway bridge above it needs repairing – shaken loose by the fine sounds and dancing, I think, though Network Rail aren’t commenting.
    Suitable has moved to the Lass O’Gowrie pub, which is just around the corner on Charles Street, by the BBC building; it’s a lovely old pub with some character, well worth having a drink in, and they seem to have a range of fine ales on offer. The night remains free to get in, is still playing great music as above with Martin and guests, but now finishes at 1, not 3ish. Come and have a pint or two in a proper pub playing proper music; times are tight, but we aren’t!

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