Tag: accessories

Peckham Rye – all-new website

It's a company we have mentioned before and one we rate highly. but we're mentioning again because Peckham Rye now has an all-new website. It's far better and easier to browse than the last one, which makes it easier to pick up their vintage-style silk scarves, slim toes or indeed, […]

Moody's knitted ties and accessories

I flagged this up on the forums (membership re-opened by the way), but if you missed it and fancy a slightly higher-end knitted tie, check out Moody's. To be honest, a lot of it leaves me cold (a little too formal), but dig around and there's some gems, including pocket […]

In With The In Crowd dresses

A new one to us – In With The In Crowd – which offers mod-friendly dresses and clothing online. In With The In Crowd's Melissa recently started designing and making her own dresses and jackets because she couldn't find anything suitable for herself, with all items produced 'to a high […]

J.Press for Urban Outfitters range

We have raved about its button-down shirts in the UK. Now we hear news a forthcoming J.Press for Urban Outfitters range. Which, like the shirts, might not be available in the UK either. We're gutted. But we live in hope that it might arrive. On the photograpic evidence, we're talking […]

Adam of London store expands

Despite recovering from a spot of ill health of late, Adam of London has still found time to increase his Notting Hill store to cope with increasing demand. It's now twice the size. If you've not checked out the mod-friendly shirts, suits, coats and accessories before, you'll find the shop […]