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6Ts Allnighter – 100 Club, London

You probably know about this already, but if not, the 100 Club 6Ts Allnighter takes place this coming Saturday, 9th July. Running from 10pm until 6am at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street in central London, you can enjoy enjoy some of the finest rare/vintage soul from Keith Money, Joel […]

La Nuit De La Soul – Paris

Fancy a weekend in Paris? Or happen to be there already? Well, Friday 15th April looks a good night to be out on the town there, as it's the night of La Nuit De La Soul. This is the 4th annual event, with guest DJ Nick (from Record Kicks) joining […]

Dandy Bloom allnighter – Southend

An allnighter in Southend, going by the name of Dandy Bloom and taking place on Saturday 19th February 2011. Two rooms, one playing northern and club soul, the other playing R&B and blu beat. There's also an (unnamed) live band downstairs. Venue is the Railway Hotel, 32 Clifftown Road, Southend, […]

Boom Shaka Lacka x Pork & Beans

Continuing our club focus series, we have a new night featured – the Boom Shaka Lacka x Pork & Beans allnighter. Tomas McGrath talks us through what to expect on February 19th at The Dogstar in Brixton, with the night running from 8pm until 4am. Check out the feature now […]

Last 6TS 100 club allnighter?

With the venue in a state of flux, it seems that the 6TS folk are planning for the last-ever 6TS 100 club allnighter. That's unless one of the rescue campaigns / ownership bids comes through before the next 6TS event is planned (December 11th). If not and the owners do […]

SoulBoy allnighter in Stoke

We've mentioned the movie so many times in the past, it seems pointless running through all the details again. So let's just say Soulboy is a movie about the original northern soul scene and it's on general release in the UK from September 1st. But if you want to see […]

100 Club 6TS allnighter – July

I think the over long image above pretty much says it all, but just in case the images aren't loading well, the July 6TS allnighter takes place at the 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1 on Saturday 3rd July. Which is this coming Saturday. The time is 10pm until […]