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Baracuta Alliance desert boots

Hmm…here's something you'll probably have strong opinions about in one way or another – Baracuta starting up its own desert boot range, going by the name of Alliance. Newly-launched with three styles, there's the one above with leather upper (it says, looks like suede), crepe sole, a hand-stitched upper, gold […]

H&M's budget desert boots

Apologies for the quality of the image, but I've drawn a blank from the company trying to source an image of these H&M desert boots. So out of desperation, I've been forced to scan an image of the shoes I saw in a magazine. Details are scarce – so basically […]

Lyle & Scott desert boots

As Clarks expands its Originals range further, others seem to be muscling in on its bread and butter range – the latest being Lyle & Scott with its newly-launched desert boots. New for autumn/winter, they seem to offer much the same as Clarks, but with a slightly different and profile […]

Sir Peter Blake sports shoes

What is it about artists and footwear? We saw the Pete McKee-designed Clarks boots a shirt while back, now we have some footwear from Sir Peter Blake – specifically The First Real Pop Shoe by Sir Peter Blake. It's available for pre-order now with a September delivery date, limited to […]

1969 Boot at Mikkel Rude

Mikkel Rude has added footwear to his range, specifically the 1969 Boot, which is a limited edition made solely for him by Solovair in Northampton. Originally known as Astronaut boots (but no longer as the trademark for those currently resides in Japan), it's an a 11 eyelet boot with air […]