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Coming soon: Greatest Ever Mod budget box set

I looked at this and thought it would be the one of those truly awful collections you see advertised on TV. Thing is, most of the material on the Greatest Ever Mod box set is actually pretty decent – even if it is pretty obvious too.

Northern Soul Classics CD review

Not content with producing the Original Mod Classics CD, the same label has also brought out Northern Soul: 20 Original Classics. And like the last one, we've gone and reviewed it. Same formula, similar price – even got the same bloke doing the sleevenotes (Paolo Hewitt). Different tracklisting obviously. Anyway, […]

20 Original Mod Classics review

Pretty much as it says, the budget collection of mod tunes we flagged up last week is now review, that being 20 Original Mod Classics. Yes, there are 20 tracks, collectively very cheap too at £3.97. But does cheap mean cheap or cheerful? You'll have to read on to find […]