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We Are The Mods promo film

I don't know anything about this, except it was posted up on the forums, it was made by someone called Live Forever Productions and it's a short film about the mod scene called, rather originally, We Are The Mods, possibly a taster of something longer or still in production. Can't […]

Merc forthcoming instore gigs

If you happen to be in the area, Merc on Carnaby Steet has some decent bands playing instore gigs in the near future. All the gigs are on Friday nights and some of the names have been featured on this site previously in our new bands section. That includes Thee […]

Boutique London by Richard Lester

This is something of an advance heads-up as I have just encountered Boutique London A History: King's Road to Carnaby Street by Richard Lester, but details are scarce – as is a cover image. One thing to note though, this has nothing to do with Marnie Fogg's Boutique. Probably no […]

Carnaby Street 60s weekender

Not exactly something to make a huge effort to go to, but if you happen to be in the vicinity of Carnaby Street, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2010 hosts a 60s weekender there, celebrating 50 years since the dawn of that decade (give or take 6 months). Live […]

John Stephen – King of Carnaby Street

It's down as a new release, although I'm sure I've seen The King of Carnaby Street: A Life of John Stephen by Jeremy Reed previously. So maybe this hardback book is a reissue when it lands at the start of June. As you might have guessed, this is a biography […]