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The Jokers at the NFT reviewed

We flagged up a screening of The Flipside presents The Jokers – and if you missed it, luckily for you, the Scenester didn't – he went along to review the event. Back in 1967, Michael Winner wasn't an annoying food critic and car insurance salesman, he was producing interesting Brit […]

Brighton Rock remake reviewed

We have mentioned it once or twice, but finally, after what seems like a long delay since filming, the remake of Brighton Rock is now at the cinema. Worth seeing? Check out our review to find out. Our man on the ground, the Scenester, caught an early screening of the […]

Brighton Rock 2010 – release date

It's been talked about for some time and filming was finished some months back, but you'll have to wait even longer to see the new version of Brighton Rock. Friday February 4th 2011 is the official release date for the UK, although there might be the odd preview screening beforehand. […]

We Are The Mods – UK premiere

We first featured it two years back but at last, the US movie We Are The Mods is getting a UK screening. That screening is part of the Raindance Festival, specifically on Wednesday 6th October from 9:30pm at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus, 19 Regent Street, London, SW1Y 4LR, with tickets […]

Soulboy – UK cinema screenings

Don't know about you, but I'm already bored of Soulboy before it's even had a proper release. That constant trickle of one-off screenings and PR has just gone on a bit too long, so it's nice to see something approaching a nationwide screening programme announced, even if it is far […]

Season of the Witch reviewed

Regular readers will know that we flagged up a screening of Season of the Witch by the BFI offshoot, the Flipside. Well, that screening has come and gone. But at least we have a review of this rare gem online. The Scenester nipped down to the NFT for the screening, […]

Get Carter screening in Manchester

Yes, you've seen it on TV, you might even own the DVD. But have you ever seen Get Carter on the big screen? If the answer is 'no' and you live in reasonable distance from Manchester, it might be worth getting down to the city's Cornerhouse cinema next week. Get […]